The 7 Essential Steps to Planning a Casino Party

An authentic casino party is an elegant and unforgettable way to celebrate any occasion, big or small. To ensure you and your guests have the best time possible, here are our expert recommendations for you to check off your planning list!

1. Do your research– Not all Casino Party companies are created equal and it is always best to keep your standards high and weigh quality over price, especially for formal events. Some great questions to think about would be; Do you deal odds just like a true casino? How are your dealers dressed? Can your dealers help guests who don’t know how to play? Do you provide everything I need to run a casino night? Are your dealers well trained and friendly?

2. Book the Casino– Once you’ve reached out to us for available dates, location of your party and guest count, we’ll send you a proposal with all the details laid out. All you need to do is send the proposal back to us signed with a deposit, and we will be all squared away. We try to make this process as easy and relaxed as possible, answering any questions you may have along the way. In addition to the casino, consider our add on services for your guests like our digital photobooth, up lighting, or even a margarita machine! Yum!

Note: For Holiday events, we recommend booking as early as June/July.

3. Secure your venue and other vendors- Usually this happens around the same time you book the casino. Consider the number of tables in your proposal when looking at a venue space. How much parking will you need for your guests? Is this a formal or casual event?

Will you be needing food or a DJ as well? While the Casino is fantastic on its own, these add-ons will take your event to the next level. Over the years we have made connections with many different vendors. Simply let us know if you need some recommendations.

4. Invite Guests- While you will already have provided us a guest count, be sure to get the word out about your party as soon as possible so your guests can save the date.

5. Prizes- Want to raise the stakes? A great addition to your guest’s enjoyment of the evening are prizes that you provide. While these are certainly not required, it does add an extra level of friendly competition between guests trying to win as many chips as possible to turn into raffle tickets before the night is up.

6. Be on the Lookout for Our 48 Hour Call– We’ll give you a courtesy call 48 hours ahead of time just to confirm all the details. We’ll let you know who your designated Pit Boss Supervisor is for your event and answer any last-minute questions you may have.

7. Enjoy the party! We recommend holding a social hour before the casino tables open so you can get the most of your 3 hour gaming time. We’ll take care of setting up, making sure you and your guests have an awesome time, and afterwards we’ll tear down quickly and efficiently.

As always, the Casino Fun office staff can assist you with any of these steps as needed. Give us a call in the office or send us an email to get your party started today with the best casino entertainment San Antonio has to offer!

Needing to throw a fundraiser instead? We assist you there too!