Need an Amazing Fundraiser? Casino is the Way to Go.

Planning a fundraiser, especially for the first time, can be a daunting task. With so many options out there and things to get done- a casino is a sure bet for a successful night.

Casino Fundraisers are a proven way to entertain your guests and donors and have a great time- while potentially earning double or triple your investment. With over 20 years in the industry, here are our expert tips for planning and running a successful Casino Fundraiser.

1. Do your research– As stated in our previous blog post, not all Casino Party companies are created equal. If you have dealers that are untrained, do not deal true odds or are dishonest- that takes away from your fundraising earnings. Make sure the company holds their dealers to Vegas standard rules and odds, are friendly, and are dressed professionally. When the casino looks great and runs honestly, your organization looks great as well.

2. Seek out local sponsors- A fantastic way to offset the cost of the casino is to find sponsors for the tables and our photobooth. Companies love to see their logo displayed at fun, high-energy events, and you can sweeten the deal with extra playing chips especially for the sponsors, drink tickets, and listing them in your event program.

3. Designate a check-in/cashier area– Have a clear area for guests to check in at the beginning of the night, as well as a place to pay for items purchased at the silent auction- if you choose to have one. Make sure these volunteers only give the amount of chips as designated by you. (For example: 1000 for regular guests/3000 for sponsor)

4. Boost your earnings through extra chip sales– If guests run out of chips before the night is out, give them the opportunity to purchase more! Delegate this task to your friendliest, most outgoing people. Have them walk around throughout the night with 1000 denomination chips and ask if guests would like to purchase them. In the past we’ve recommended 1000 for $10 or 3000 for $20. You’d be surprised how quickly this adds up!

5. Keep guests playing until the end- As stated before, the goal here is to earn money. If guests want to turn in their chips early, that loses the opportunity for them to buy additional chips. Encourage guests to purchase additional chips, take photos at the photobooth, browse the silent auction, and keep playing the tables.

6. Relax and Have Fun- Meet with your team before and after the event. After all your hard work, enjoy playing the tables yourself!  At the end of the night, the dealers will help guests turn their gaming chips into tickets, which they can put into boxes to win individual prizes, or you can put into a raffle drum.

We have completed thousands of fundraisers over the years, and some organizations have stayed with us annually for 12+ years!

If you need help, especially if this is your first fundraiser, please don’t hesitate to give us a call in the office and a friendly Casino Fun staff member will work through this process with you. We’re a sure bet for a great time!